How to Sell Books without Having to Write Book Reviews


The Bookwitty Affiliate Program allows partners to generate income by selling and recommending books. Contrary to popular belief, a blogger does not have to exclusively write about books to be able to market them. Any blogger can sell books. A good blogger’s strength is pairing the right content with the right titles, and encouraging their readers to buy books in order to enrich their knowledge on a certain topic.

So if you would like to take this on, but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. Not everyone is a natural marketer, and that’s okay: marketing can be taught. In this article, we give you a guide on how to link any of the topics you write about to a book or a reading list. By the end of this post, you will learn the basics of how to bridge the gap between your blogger hat and your marketer hat.

How to link a book to any topic you blog about:

If your goal is to recommend and sell books through your content, you can either choose titles that are directly connected to the topic you are blogging about, or ones that are indirectlt linked.

For instance, let’s say you have a medical blog based out of the United States, and in one of your articles you discuss the AIDS epidemic. From this one article, you can easily suggest the following books to your readers:

So you see what we did here: we took the subject at hand, and linked it to books that are directly related to it. We then extracted the fundamental themes that make up this overarching subject. In the case of HIV/AIDS in the US, the themes were: Stigma, Survival, Infectious Diseases, Activism, and other countries that were hit by this disease. Once we laid out the broad strokes, we paired each facet to a relevant book, or books. By the end of it, we had a small selection of books that would allow anyone who is obsessed, or remotely interested in this topic to learn more about it from different perspectives.

As booksellers ourselves, our number one advice is this: expand your horizons. Think of themes and subjects that will increase and deepen your audience’s understanding of whatever it is you are writing about. Try and build a network of books that springs out of your topic, and don’t be afraid to get creative in how these books tackle your central theme.

Don’t always go for the obvious. Try and research the topic. If you don’t know where to start, simply googling a topic idea followed by the word ‘book’ (i.e “Books about [insert topic you are writing about here]”) will definitely open things up for you.

What’s left to do is to incorporate your selection to your posts. You can either mention these books throughout your article, explaining why they are interesting reads, or add a section at the end of your page that says “Books that can help you learn more about this topic…” in which you lay out their book covers in an attractive manner.

If you want to learn more about how to stylize your affiliate links in an appealing way, check out this post.

Once your blog post is published don’t be afraid to get inspired by your selection of books to write new articles, from which you can create a whole new network of books. Keeping with the medical blog example, from your book selection, you can write an article that compares different countries’ reactions to the HIV crisis, or a post that analyzes HIV positive characters in fictional novels and comic books.

So where should you begin?

You’ve been blogging for some time now, and you’re sitting on a content goldmine. You can easily revisit your content archives, and link your previous posts to a number of books. Make sure to add relevant titles to the posts that have been particularly popular. Starting off with older articles is a good testing ground, as you can add books to a topic you have already mastered.

Once you get the hang of things, you can regularly link books to your newer content pieces. To make things easier for yourself, when you start working on your content calendar for the upcoming month, make sure to include a book selection step to your process.

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Rhea Chedid

Rhea is a Creative Content Producer at Bookwitty. Her expertise lies in the production of editorial content, videos and podcasts. A double major graduate from Georgetown University, Rhea has in depth knowledge in Sociology and English Literature.