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01. Where does Bookwitty get its books from?

Bookwitty works with a multitude of suppliers who provide us with bibliographic data, as well as availability and price information for books in the market. These suppliers buy the books themselves directly from publishers and acquire the rights to sell the books that they make available to us. When we buy a book from a distributor, rather than the publisher directly, the purchase price accounts for the rights to the various parties (the distributor, the publisher, the author…).
We also buy books directly from publishers, and occasionally from other booksellers. You can read all about it here.

02. What is the Bookwitty Affiliate Program?

The Bookwitty Affiliate Program helps you monetize your traffic by recommending books, reading lists, or any content from on your site, and referring your readers to Bookwitty to purchase your recommendations.

03. What does it cost to join the Bookwitty Partner Network?

Joining the BPN is completely free.

04. What do I do if a book is missing or has the wrong information (title, description, etc.)?

Please send us an email to and allow 2 business days for the adjustments to be made.

05. In what countries is the Bookwitty Partner Network available?

The BPN is available worldwide.

06. How much can I make with the Bookwitty e-Commerce Plugin?

That depends on how many of your visitors buy books and how much they spend. You get 10% commission on the total amount of each visitor’s cart.

If a user returns a book for a refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute, the commission will not be counted as the purchase was not completed. If a book is returned in exchange for a different one, or if books are lost or damaged and we ship replacements to the customer, your commissions will not be affected. For more details, please see contact our customer service.

07. How do I know how much I’ve earned?

Once approved as an affiliate, you will get access to your own dashboard. You’ll also have access to detailed reports to keep track of your conversions, payments, and overall performance.

08. How do I install the Bookwitty e-Commerce Plugin?

After filling out this form and selecting the plugin from the Products, our team will be in contact with you and will instruct you on how to install the Bookwitty WordPress e-Commerce Plugin.

09. How are orders tracked and credited to my site?

Every affiliate link you generate from contains your unique parameters in the URL - “tap a” and “tap s”. These allow us to track where every click and purchase comes from. As a result, every time a customer visits through your links and makes a purchase, we will credit your account. To ensure that all purchases are tracked accurately, make sure to generate affiliate links as you have seen in the tutorial video or as instructed by your Partnership Manager.

10. How and when do I get paid?

Bookwitty supports two payout methods: PayPal and Bank Transfers. Partners can configure their preferred payout methods on their private dashboards. Taxes are deducted based on location of service in your country, state, etc.

We check our partners’ balances once a month in order to release payments. If a partner has accumulated USD/EUR 100 or higher, we process the full amount after which the payout balance goes back to zero. However, if a partner hasn’t accumulated USD/EUR 100, the money will remain in the balance until the next month when we perform the check again.

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